Dev & Test environments in the cloud

Heaving development and test environments in the clous is on the rise. Typically migration of dev and test environments to the cloud is hindered with the following hurdles:

  1. The cloud doesn't always work like the "real world"(in this case an on-prem environments)
  2. Some apps aren't ideal for development in the cloud
  3. Developers often dislike the unfamiliar cloud territory
  4. Lack of documentation hinders cloud developers
  5. Network issues slow down development
  6. Its eassy to let the meter run unnecessarily on the cloud
  7. Cloud licensing can have restrictions
  8. Integration can be harder to troubleshoot
  9. The cloud fast pace of change can be challendging to keep up

We battle these and other hurdles on daily basis throguh eduction, seminars and collaborative sessions where cloud strategies our outlined. It has been our experience that regardless of the issues and concerns cloud environments are appealing and more companies choose to be in the cloud than sticking with traditional on-prem environments. At the end of the day it is all about reducing oepration complexity and costs, which leads to shorter release cycles.