Our differentiators

Speed = No oversubscription
In comparison of base virtual machines with Amazon EC2 and Azure, Nicman Labs machines are between 2x to 6x faster on processing transactions by CPU, Memory and disk I/O. In addition, none of our

Modeled to your specific requirements and accounting for smallest integration details makes our daily job interesting. There are environments that need a cookie cutter approach and there are those

Starting with development environments through complex production environment replication for performance testing to multi-tier distributed production environments, our team of experts loves

Your Cloud Our Job

Our History

Over the years the company has morhped from simple affiliate based hosting to fully fledged technology consulting and infrastructure provider. Listed below are few important milestones.

Shared hosting company
Nicman Group was originally founded to provide hosting services in support of application development projects on the basis of shared/affiliate based larger hosting providers.
Professional Services
Throughout the years the hosting business was just a bi-product of professional services offered by the company. With success in custom application development and testing for small businesses, enterprise proejcts came along and more infrastructure based projects started to come in.
Cloud Move
Long awaited strategy finally came to fruition and Nicman Lab went from affiliate based hosting company to fully optimized cloud provider with locations in Philadelphia, PA and Secaucus,NJ. Our Network Operations Center (NOC) was open in PA and whole array of new product offerings came along.
Cloud A through ...
In 2015 Nicman Lab has opened its own and fully operated data center in Englewood, CO further strengthening its position in cloud providers market. Our 3 zones are operated by latest and greatest technology with multi level & tier security. Our cloud customer base is growing and infrastructure services are fined tuned to the latest industry trends as well specific requirements.