How can I migrate my existing infrastructure to Nicman Labs?
Migration process typically is customized one and heavily dependent on specific applications. Our hypervisor of choice is ESXi and we can tie directly to other cloud providers to pull data and configurations from. There are situations where hybrid cloud is desired and resources are split between multiple providers.
Do you offer multi-zone availability?
Nicman Labs is available in three states: Colorado, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Storage and compute is available in all three zones with N+1 redundant system in each individual zone. As a our client you will have access to all three zones.
How secure is my data at Nicman Labs?
Nicman Labs is PCI DSS compliant, HIPPA Association compliant, ISO-27001 and SAE-16. There are multiple layers of protection included with every service and file stored at Nicman Labs. Our Network Operations Team monitors traffic patterns and intervenes when necessary within specific SLA's. On top of already high security protocols for physical and logical layers, we offer customized security options that can be added to your solution.